Grateful - Day 9

Well today has been rainy wet and all over quite crappy but been sitting here in starbucks thinking what a crappy day when i overhear a converstation about a lady that is fighting Cancer and the stress she is feeling so...

1. Today Grateful for the rain that brought me into starbucks so i that i am reminded that i have my health and I am whole 

2. I am grateful for having a job that allows me to sit and work in a starbucks 

3. i am grateful for having a relaxing worry free weekend where I was able to spend time with my kids and just enjoy the day with out rushing around and living life in the moment

Just when you think the rain won't stop and life is just pouring buckets over your head, the rain comes slower and slowly goes away to reveal a beautiful rainbow in the distance.  Enjoy the moments rain and all; jump in the puddles, dance in the rain and watch out for rainbows as you never know when it will be your last! 

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  1. dincali

    May 01, 2017