Grateful - Day 7

Wow i actually did this for 7 days in a row! I am grateful that I am making the effort to write down my thoughts and actions as sometimes we make excuses and reasons why when it just takes a moment or two to give yourself the time you need to center yourself.

1. today i am truly grateful as I have an amazing lady I call mom who allows me to work and work late knowing my kids are safe and and loved.  Many people don't have this luxury and sometimes I don't appreciate her the way that I should.

2. I am grateful for the sunshine after the rains that allows my garden to flourish, as I love gardening and it makes my heart sing

3.  I am grateful for the morning cuddles and games I get with my daughter before the day starts as it gives me a chance to relax and start the day with laughter and happiness.


I am truly blessed thank you god for all that I have and take for granted! 

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