Grateful - Day 4

Well its been a very emotional few days as my son got seriously hurt at school playing sport.  He is doing much better but still having trouble moving around, this has thought me a few things about being grateful.

1. Children are precious always say I love you and be grateful for the moments you share

2.  Even in great pain there is always a place for laughter as under the influence of the Anesthetic I was able to see a fun and playful side I haven't seen since he was a kid a little chatter box who  told me over me and over again how much he loves me and his sister! this was an amazing gift as my son is very quiet most days, so dispite his pain I am grateful he was able to laugh and for the love he shared with us.

3. family and friends I know I have said that before but mine made my blue days better by always checking in and giving their uncondtional love and support 

In the move of seeing the bright side my lesson learned here is there is always a rainbow even on the darkest of days literally it was pouring rain and grey when my baby got hurt.....


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