Grateful - Day 13

I was hoping to have been online this weekend but with work and sick kids it became just another thing to do tomorrow.  I wonder how many things get put in the "to do tomorrow" pile.


1.  I am garteful to make it to tomorrow (aka today)

2. I am grateful for the ability to buy and enjoy a great cup of coffee... coffee is my one pleasure that takes me back to my childhood when I remember my grandfather brewing it out doors under a mango tree.  The island breeze use to bring the sent to me when i close my eyes I can still see the green grass and the little fire with the pot brewing coffee out side.... mmm so lovely I miss those days and my grand father but i am so happy i have these memories

3. I am grateful for wistful memories as when life is giving you the hard knocks its the simple pleasures that gives you the strenthg to keep fighting.


Have a blessed and safe day! 

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