Grateful - Day 10

Why do things just seem to get better when you try to make everything positive? I guess because the energy being expressed is positive and in return positive energy is returned.  I have to say that these past 10 days focusing on the positive vs the negatives has really made a difference in how my day progress.  Instead of focusing on why me i am look around my environment more and listen to what my kids are saying more vs. just going through the motions.

1. I am grateful for hope cuz hope is a blessing and if hope exists there is no room for fear and doubt as both can't live in the same moment.

2.  I am grateful for the small wins in life, like finding out that my son is feeling lost and alone even though he has many friends he felt he could actually talk about it after a lot of proding and it felt good to know that I was right when I felt something was off with him.

3. I am grateful for the ability to help him build up his confidence even its just by listening and working on a game plan.


Life is filled with listening moments and the ability to find peace and happiness in the small things.  My hope is growing and so is my positivity and for that i am happy again small wins! 

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